Following David Pruess suggestion for learning Ruy Lopez pt. 2

Jan 30, 2013, 8:53 AM |

After you have setup the Ruy Lopez position on the board and studied the positional aspects of it, as described in previous articles.  Step two that is suggested by David Pruess for learning a new opening, after you have set it up and studied the position, is to play 100 blitz games using that opening.  He suggests that instead of just going to live chess and trying to use the opening that is trying to be learned is to instead get a friend and agree to play the starting position of the opening.







  This is because going on live chess and expecting to be able to play your opening can't be always expected because your opponent can play anything.

So, you need to find a friend to play the ruy lopez against you, and both of you two play 100 blitz games, they don't all have to be in a row.  During each game try to use the positional aspects that you have looked at to try to gain an advantage in the game, and use the plans that you have thought of in the games.  Then after each game analyze the game with your friend.  Then keep on going playing through the 100 games over a course of time, probably don't want to expand the time frame out too long to get through the 100 games, because you will forget what your thoughts are.  as you play the 100 games keep trying to learn about the positions that occur and what the weaknesses are in the positions, and if there any similarities between the positions.  Weaknesses such as weak squares, weak pawns, tactical themes, open files, use of diagonals, placement of pieces, just try to find positional targets to attack in each game. 

I encourage people to post in this blog that they are available to play ruy lopez games, and try to get a partner to play against and then get together on live chess and go through the 100 blitz games, at 5 0 time controls for each person.

Next article I will discuss his third step, but you can't get to the third step without completing steps 1 and 2!