Nakamura sponsored by Silence Therapeutics

Jun 13, 2013, 12:05 PM |

I am very saddened to hear that Nakamura has accepted a sponsorship by Silence Therapeutics.  Silence Therapeutics is a human genome company.  These companies discover different genetic patterns and then place patents on those genes, and genetic patterns and genetic series, so that once the patent is approved, the genetic company that owns the patent now owns that gene, or genetic sequence.  So, these genetic companies own your's and mine genes.  The basic building blocks that make me a human and who I am, the core of who I am, is now owned by a genetic company who owns my genetic sequences, what makes me, me.  So that if I go to the doctor and want to get checked to see if I have a genetic predisposition to certain diseases or ailments, or am biologically susceptible to something, when the request for a test to be done is sent to the lab, permission and a royalty has to be paid to these genetic companies who owns the genes sequences that are being tested for.  So I don't own my body, some company does, and I have to not only pay them to get permission for the test to be done, but my doctor also needs their permission for a test to be done. 

It is sad that my body is owned by multiple companies who own different genetic sequences that exist in my body, and it is outrageous that Nakamura has no sense of right, no morals, and will do anything, even doing business with such a rechid company, all for a few bucks, bought and paid for Nakamura.