Coming home

Mar 9, 2016, 11:35 PM |

I have been away from chess for the better part of 2 years now. Suffice it to say to those that remember me, that my rating has crashed. (No worries Amie, I will get back into tournament form soon)

That being said, I am back... but going to be back, "minus" the stress. I quit going to the city tournaments. I quit trying to play 30 games at once, with notes on every game. I am going to play to have fun. I am going to study a bit here and there. No more 8 hour chess days. Okay, not as many... That said, I have been back about 3 days now, and met someone that asked if I would do more teaching/inspirational blogs. (I haven't asked permission to name them, so if you read this, then I am not omitting your name for any reason other than courtesy.)

A bit of thinking later, and I think the answer will be yes, albeit I am not really sure where to start. I guess with today... He and I had a good game, (in which he won) and I was about to go on to the next game, when he told me I should have won. (I love good sportsmanship) And I left the tournament I was in to actually look at the game. I had been drinking (keeping me relaxed while playing instead of overthinking fast games, and again just not wanting to stress over chess) and the game was full of missed opportunities on both sides. During my analysis, I realized I could have even forced a mate that I previously would have never missed. And I guess that has me thinking about the differences between my current state of play, and where I used to be.

What does that have to do with instructional or inspirational? Come on... we are all chess players that look ahead just a bit :P Yes, I am rusty... and all players have ebbs and flows in their gaming. Don't let a bad game, or a bad series, deter you. There are serious advancements usually preciped by study, and there are sometimes serious declines, caused by any number of things. But the overall question is, can we learn? Most of the chess community would say "YES!" Otherwise, what is the point of moving the pieces?

I am going to leave it at that for now, I want to put a few more "easy" computer games in my catelog before bed, just to get some of the patterns back into my head before I look more like a fool in tournaments that I shall be joining in the next few weeks.

And as always, I shall return!