1st round victory against Grandmaster Zlatko Ilincic

IM attilaturzo
Apr 2, 2017, 2:01 AM |

The day before yesterday I had a busy day. I decided to move my work place from hime to an office, because our daughter Eszter started to speak and in the office I will be able to concentrate move when I am teaching or doing other things.

I brought there furnitures and a vacuum cleaner and did a quick cleaning. 

Yesterday morning I had a special preparation for the first game of the tourney. My wife went for a spiritual lecture, so I spent my morning with my cute daughter Eszter.

We want to the forest where we visited a spring with a water-fall. The temperature was perfect. The fresh air was uplifting. We had a great time.



We were there so long I had no chance for lunch at home. Mira our babysitter arrived at 1:00 pm to take care of Eszter. created 3 sandwiches for myself and drove to the tournament hall in the Berlin hotel in Budapest.

I had around 10 minutes before the start. I had a nice little chat with Zoltan Nemeth, an international master who also a chess coach and who runs Sakkvilag the hungarian chess magazine. We talked about how to teach effectivly. He had an interesting idea. He said our brain has different parts for study in 2 dimension and in 3 dimension. He suggested for studdents to use a real chess board also when we study online. I think it can slow down the process a bit, but may have benefits.

Starting rank list of players

No.     Name Fide   ID     Country FIDE-rating
10   GM Ilincic Zlatko 900346 Serbia 2401
1   IM Turzo Attila 704954 Hungary 2330
6   FM Rydstrom Tom 1714830 Sweden 2313
2     Primbetov Kazbek 13702297 Kazahstan 2297
9   WFM Terbe Julianna 708780 Hungary 2277
7   IM Nemeth Zoltan 700657 Hungary 2267
8   FM Lyell Mark 402354 England 2249
4   FM Stigar Petter 1500341 Norway 2235
3     Hill Alistair 432407 England 2209
5     Zlatin Alexander 2810549 Israel 2195

There are players from 7 countries. 1 Grandmaster, 2 International Master, 3 FIDE-masters and a Woman FIDE-master.

I got paired with the highest rated player in our group, Grandmaster Zlatko Ilincic. I got the white pieces. I was happy to play with him in the 1st round. So I will get only weaker players in the rest of the tourney.

He was a Yugoslavian champion and a member of the team in many chess olympiad.

One of his game against the famous Grandmaster Gligoric:


In our game I got a comfortable position out of the opening. I played the Fianchetto variation against the king's indian defense and I was able to play the c4-c5 push to change the pawn structure to my advantage.

I increased gradually my advantage move by move and until I was able to break the position with e4-e5 to open it for my better placed pieces.

I analysed the game deeply and share it with you:

Some opening analysis of this line:

The results of the 1st round:

Round 1 on 2017/04/01 at 14.30
Bo. No. Rtg     Name Result   Name   Rtg No.
1 1 2330   IM Turzo Attila 1 - 0 GM Ilincic Zlatko   2401 10
2 2 2297     Primbetov Kazbek ½ - ½ WFM Terbe Julianna   2277 9
3 3 2209     Hill Alistair 0 - 1 FM Lyell Mark   2249 8
4 4 2235   FM Stigar Petter ½ - ½ IM Nemeth Zoltan   2267 7
5 5 2195     Zlatin Alexander 1 - 0 FM Rydstrom Tom   2313 6
Standing after the 1st round:
Name FED Rating Points Rating change +/-
1 IM Turzo Attila HUN 2330 1 6

Zlatin Alexander ISR 2195 1 26,4

FM Lyell Mark ENG 2249 1 8,8
Primbetov Kazbek KAZ 2297 0,5 -0,6

FM Stigar Petter NOR 2235 0,5 0,8

IM Nemeth Zoltan HUN 2267 0,5 -0,4

WFM Terbe Julianna HUN 2277 0,5 0,6
Hill Alistair ENG 2209 0 -8,8

FM Rydstrom Tom SWE 2313 0 -13,2

GM Ilincic Zlatko SRB 2401 0 -6

The pairings for today:
Round 2 on 2017/04/02 at 14.30
Bo. No. Rtg     Name Result   Name   Rtg No.
1 10 2401   GM Ilincic Zlatko   FM Rydstrom Tom   2313 6
2 7 2267   IM Nemeth Zoltan     Zlatin Alexander   2195 5
3 8 2249   FM Lyell Mark   FM Stigar Petter   2235 4
4 9 2277   WFM Terbe Julianna     Hill Alistair   2209 3
5 1 2330   IM Turzo Attila     Primbetov Kazbek   2297 2
Today I will play with white against Kazbek Primbatov from Kazakhstan. 
Képtalálat a következőre: „Primbetov Kazbek”
 Georgian GM Baadur Jobava, 2706, playing untitled Kazakh Kazbek Primbetov, 2220. Jobava won in 49 moves.
I prepared for an other King's indian or Ben-oni defense. Sometimes he started as a King's indian and then played c7-c5. I plan to gain space with d4-d5 and inrcease the space advantage.
I plan to follow this game:
I hope you enjoyed today's report. I will give my best today and will write how did the game go. Have a great day! See you soon!