2 victories against an International Grandmaster

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Dec 3, 2013, 2:58 AM |

I would like to show my two victories against International Grandmaster Lelys Stanley Martinez Duany from Cuba. The time control was 3 minutes per player without extra time.

In the first game, I played the slav defense. He closed the center early and started to advance his pawns on the queenside. He got space advantage there. I tried to make counter-play in the center and on the kingside, but he defended well there and his attack became strong on the queenside. In the endgame he won a pawn and got a winning position, but lost on time.

When the first game finished I was happy about the victory and I wanted to go to sleep, but I got a rematch request and decided to play an other game. I thought, I have already won a game, so I will be happy no matter how the next game will go. We played the Catalan opening and he made an interesting exchange sacrifice in the opening. He got a strong bishop and a pawn for the rook. I developed my pieces and traded his good bishop. Then doubles my rooks to go to exchange his rook. Then in the time pressure and because of my attacking rook, he lost a bishop and I won on time in a winning position.


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