3 simple tactics and a strategic french battle

IM attilaturzo
Jul 11, 2016, 1:20 PM |

 I played a 100 boards simul in 2011 and I would like to show you 3 tactics from those games and a game where we had a strategical battle in the french defense. I was able to get a knight versus bad bishop position, but more important was the space advantage on the kingside which leaded to a checkmate.


Let us start with a knight story. I attacked the e5 knight and white instead of going back to d3 and got a better position, decided to counter-attack with the other knight

The next example is from Russia, I mean from a Petroff defense game Smile Black did not casgtle early and won my center pawn. I played Re1 check in the last move and I hoped he may move his bishop from c8 to cover the check which gave me a nice possibility.
In the 3rd game white castled to a sligtly opened king position and then left his bishop undefended. That was enought for a nice double-attack.
The 4th game was a battle where I got the classical advantage of good versus bad minor piece, but the more important was the pawn advance on the kingside which we need to do when the center is closed, we need to attack on the side where we are stronger, need to gain space and the need to break in. It happened in this game

Please share your ideas and questions!