Counter-attack or defend?

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Jan 12, 2012, 1:23 PM |

Hello Friends,

Today I played 777 moves in 90 minutes in the 1000 Bright Minds Chess Simul. It was interesting for me today, because I played faster the 2nd moves in the games, than the 1st moves, because in the starting position I had more possibilities. In the second move the 2 moves of my opponent and my 1st move closed doors and gave me less number of candidate moves.

Most of the opponents played natural good moves.

I noticed a general human attitude. When somebody attacked, most of the time he starts to defend instead of counter-attack and may get in a bad position. Already in the second moves it happened in some of the games.

I played the scandinavian defense in games. White started with e4 and I attacked the pawn for d5. Here the good move is to capture the pawn and then to play d4 or Nc3 depends how black reacts in the 2nd move. But if white defends and run with his pawn to e5, then black has a fine position because of his good center with the d5 pawn.


One game from the 1000 Bright Minds Simul with 2.e5 move:
You can follow it how it goes in the next moves. I plan to play c5 to attack the d4 central square and later to build up a queenside attack.
In other games I played the Aljechin defense when black attack the king pawn with the king knight in the first move. It is again an aggressive, attacking move. The good reaction is to be calm after the shock and start a counter-attack by pushing the pawn to attack the knight and gain space.
The weaker move is to defend the pawn with te queen knight, because then black can attack the center one more time with the queen pawn and after the
exchanges black gets an equal game.
So today's question was to counter-attack or defend?
I am very happy, We could find some instructive ideas already after the 2nd moves. Chess is really great! :) Thank you for reading. Make your moves, attack and be ready for my counter-attacks! :) 
Sleep well!

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