Aranytiz round 1- Positional pawn sacrifice

IM attilaturzo
Aug 19, 2017, 1:26 AM |

In the tournament there is an international grandmaster from Israel, two international masters from Hungary, a FIDE-master from England, a FIDE-master from Hungary, a woman international master from Hungary and a candidate-master from Vietnam.

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In the first round I played the chineese prodigy girl Yao Lan . In my last tournament in July I lost against her in a nice attack against my king.

Yesterday I decided to use my old weapon 1.e4 to be more agressive. 

She played the sicilian defense, the paulsen variation. I played the Nb5, c4 system which gives white space advantage, but the black position is very flexible.

I sacrificed a pawn to weakening her light squares. She played well and I could not crack her defense. WE agreed to a draw after the time control.

I was a bit disappointed because I could not win, but was happy it went much better than in our last game.

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Today I will play with International Master Sándor Faragó.