Aranytiz round 4 - Beating the Budapest Blitz champion

IM attilaturzo
Aug 23, 2017, 2:11 AM |

in round 4 I played with Alex Krstulovic

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who won the Budapest Blitz Championship last Sunday. He is a 14 years old FIDE-master and european champion in the under 8 years old category. He has a very serious study plan, studies 4 days a week with a chess coach and also on his own.

We played in the Budapest Blitz Championship last Sunday. I won a pawn, then an other one, he got a strong knight and created threats and He won on time.

For our round 4 game I studied the opening we played in the blitz game and I got a small edge out of the opening, the pair of bishops.

Just when all pieces were developed, he blundered a pawn, but he could get counterplay. Before I started my pawn winning moves I decided to allow the counterplay and hope for the best.

He put his king to the worst place which allowed me to create checkmate treats instead of capturing back a piece. 

I missclaculated and missed a 5 moves checkmate, instead I played a move to win material and the game.

Can you find the 5 moves checkmate?

The full game:
I would like to thank Kevin (Kevin_Variation101) for the several simul games we played and analysed together in the same variation like this game. It helped a lot! Thank you again!
Today I will play with the English FIDE-master Mark Lyell