Aranytiz round 6 - Draw against a Grandmaster

IM attilaturzo
Aug 26, 2017, 4:30 AM |

In round 6 I played with white against International Grandmaster Boris Kantsler from Israel.

I got a small edge in the opening against the Philidor defense.

Then I made a natural looking move, I moved out from a pin, but my other piece became pinned and I could have lost a pawn.

I increaed the pressure on the center and he went to an endgame.

The endgame was better for me with the pair of bishops and a passed pawn, but he could have blocked it well and would be possible a draw.

He made a critical mistake, b7-b5, which left the a6 pawn as a target.

After we exchanged the rooks, I found a winning plan, to go to an opposite coloured bishop endgame with a better king.

In the time trouble I looked counter-attacking chances for him and I was not brave to take the risk of loosing, so I accepted the draw in a winning position. It could be a complicated pawn race on both sides.

I will analyse the endgame in a separate post.