Aranytiz round 7 - Winning in the exchange slav

IM attilaturzo
Aug 26, 2017, 11:33 PM |

In the exchange slav I always had a great result. White players tend to play for a draw by exchanges, but in the long run they make mistakes and I won many games in the endgame.

This happened again in round 7 against Bianka Havanecz a woman international master.

We exchanges 3 minor pieces in the opening and I got a knight versus a bishop with blocked pawns on the queenside.

a5 was my first key move where instead of allowing my knight to be stronger she allowed her pawns to be weakened. She could still exchange pawns and get an equal position, but instead allowed me to improve my pieces until the point when my activity transformed to an extra pawn.

I built up the activity of my queen and knight versus her queen and bishop and when she opted for a knight versus bishop endgame first I diclined because her king would be very active, but a move later I gladly accepted the exchange and won the ehdgame.