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CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 06.20.2015 - day 192

CHECKMATES OF THE DAY - 06.20.2015 - day 192

Jun 22, 2015, 3:50 AM 3

American chess genius Paul Morphy won against James Mac Connel in New Orleans in 1849:

Black to move and mate in 1:

World Champion Mikhail Tal beat Cathy Forbes in the National Open in Chicago in 1988:
White to move and mate in 2:

Our reader Benjamin Povirk from Ljubljana, Slovenia won against E. T. Chapman from Canada in an online Fischer random game in 2015:
Black to move and mate in 5:

If you had a nice checkmate in one of your games, and you would like me to publish it, please send it to me in a private message!
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