Girl Power

IM attilaturzo
Jul 4, 2017, 4:28 AM |

 First Saturday 2017 July International Master tournament started on Saturday. In the first round I had a free day. I asked the organizer to make Saturday free for me instead of the official free day on Thursday. He accepted my request to help me to teach my chess students on Saturday.

The second round and my first game was on Sunday. I played with chinese 17 years old talented girl Lan Yao. She said me she like Hungary and she is here 4th time. I think I added more to her happiness by losing against her after her nice sacrifice for the opening of the strong g7 bishop. After her queen joined to attack the position was winning for her.

Yesterday I played an other girl. An indian lady who won 70 rating points in the last month, so surely on fire.
After a fine opening, I allowed her to attack and win an exchange.
After her passive play in the endgame, I was able to make the draw with attack against her king:
Today I will play a young indian FIDE master. I will give my best!