Guidelines of Mani

IM attilaturzo
Nov 19, 2011, 7:06 AM |

"What should I do, o Light, so that I may truly live?

Give your hands rest, and clothe yourself with the pure truth.

Give your consciousness love, give your mind faith,
give your thoughts perfection,
give your decision durability,
and your considerations wisdom.

Make room within you for the white-winged dove,
do not place a serpent next to her.

Do not make room for sadness or anger.

Conquer desire,
overcome self-elevation and arrogance,
do not desist in your Love to God.

With perfection, you become perfect.

With patience, you will bear everything.

With the Gnosis, you will understand everything.

Keep to the inner law.

Perfect your deeds.

Remain unbreakably faithful to these things, for ever.

And you will live, my soul."