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Is the Ben-oni the right opening for you?

Jan 12, 2013, 6:00 AM 5

I welcome you with love in this lecture.

The Ben-oni is a sharp, tactical opening. If you want to improve your calculation skills then this opening will help you. The position is unbalanced from the beginning, so there is a good chance to win for both players. 

You may want to play other opening if you want to play slow, strategical positions or if you want a solid middlegame where you can have the draw at least.

To play the Ben-oni defense can be very exciting if you win and very frustrating if you lose. Nice combinations included.

I wish you the best to try it or study some interesting games! 

Bobby Fischer used the Ben-oni defense in the 3rd game of the World Championship match against Boris Spassky.

In this game black was able to use 3 main ideas for black and preventing 2 main ideas for white.

1. He had active piece-play on the kingside with the knights by Nh5 and Ng4

2. He was able to advance the queenside pawns by b6,a6 and then b5.

3. He attacked the white e4 central pawn by rooks on the e-file.

Finally he won the e4 pawn and later the endgame.

Black's critical weakness is the d6 pawn. White has 2 main plans:

1. Winning the pawn.

2. Exchanging it with e4-e5 and then advance the d-pawn. 

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