Minority attack victory against Woman Grandmaster Veronika Schneider

IM attilaturzo
Dec 3, 2014, 7:55 AM |

On Sunday 30 November 2014 in the Hungarian team league, I won against woman grandmaster Veronika Schneider. She is a several times Hungarian champion and olympic team member.

I started to prepare for the match a few days before the game and I could play with many different players. I decided to review my openings in general and fit it to my actual opponent when the game starts.

Veronika stoped with her car a few seconds before me at the tournament hall and when I finished parking I said hello to her. I did not know she will be my opponent, but I remembered I looked her in several junior tournaments when I was a coach.

In the tournament hall I looked the list of the opponent team and realized we will play together.

I decided to play something solid and positional to stop her nice attacks and sharp style and it worked out great.

I was able to navigate her Grunfeld defense to a closed center structure, where I was able to start a minority attack and put her under constant pressure. She made small mistakes and I was able to win a pawn and then one more to win the game.

Our team played 6-6 and we are on the first place in the championship. You can check the championship crosstable at http://chess.hu/en/bajnoksagok.php?bajnoksag_id=129

Let us look the game!


Thank you for your attention. I hope you enjoyed the game and learnt a few new things. See you soon! Attila