New ideas in the old ben-oni

New ideas in the old ben-oni

IM attilaturzo
Jul 16, 2018, 5:42 PM |

My opponent played very well today the old-benoni, so after the game I decided to dive into it and spent aorund 2 hours to find an advantage for white. Looks like the lines with Bb5 and then dxe6 may give a small edge or playing Ng1-e2-g3 manover to prevent Bf5.

I was very impressed how quickly and strongly played my opponent. When I finished the game, I just got a message from an admin, my opponent violated the rules. Possible used computer assistance. I got my points back. In the last 2 games my opponents used computer assistance and the staff figured this out and solved the situation. Thank you for your work!

I wish I can get a human opponent tomorrow, so I can go closer to my next goal to reach 2200 in standard time control.

Like in my last game I lernt a lot from the computer. It was a good learning experience. I wish I will be able to use it against humans in the next days!

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I wish you a wonderful day!
See you soon!