Pawn Mass Miracle

IM attilaturzo
Jan 29, 2013, 12:57 PM |

Shigeru, one of my students from Japan just posted one of his games with the title: Narrow escape. 

He made mistakes and the opponent got a big advantage and captured all of his pieces, but then he put his hopes to the four pawns on the kingside and with the help of the king they went to reach the other king.

His opponent got a new queen, but he just moved up his king and the pawns.

The opponent should take care for the little pawns, but he decided to get his 2nd queen Smile

Look what happened then!

This became the moment for the small people. Can you find the best move for black?





















What can we learn from this game?

We should always look what is the threat of the opponent, no matter how big is our advantage.

Fight until the last moment and use the 2 key ideas of the endgames:

1.Use your king as an attacker and

2.push your pawns to get a queen or what happened in this special example, give a checkmate for the opponent! Smile 

Thank you for your attention.