Preparation day 4: The Petroff repertoire, checkmate puzzles

IM attilaturzo
Mar 26, 2017, 2:43 PM |

I started the day with 1 hour of checkmate puzzles, I solved 300 in 1 hour. 1,2 and 3 moves checkmates. I enjoyed it very much. Most of them I solved well, I made around 5-10 mistakes.

Today we traveled with my wife Andrea and daughter Eszter to my parents and my grandparents. I was happy to meet them. They liked Eszter very much. We visite them around Christmas last time, then Eszter did not walk like today. Eszter was happy and very active.

We got a lot of things. My Mom cooked us a delicious vegan food.

My grandparents were happy about their grand-grand daughter.

In the evening I searched my petroff materials and I decided to use 3 books for my preparation:


Winning With the Petroff


The Petroff Defence


The Petroff Defence by [Raetsky, Alexander, Chetverik, Maxim]


The Petroff (Gambit Chess): Lasha Janjgava