Results for the 1000 Bright Minds will come soon

IM attilaturzo
Mar 7, 2012, 12:36 AM |

Hello Smile 

The 1000 Bright Minds Chess Simul started at 11th January 2012, nearly 2 months ago. I started to play with 1000 player from all over the world. We started to play on 1000 boards. Each player has its own board and I play with them simultaneously.

Today I plan to count the result and put it to my profile and to the official page at 

Around 200 games finished and I won most of the games, but there were some nice victories for my opponents too. I will share some of the games with you soon.

Instead of the players who finished their games, new players are welcome to join! 

The boards are waiting for you Smile

The ticket for the event cost 10 dollars. 

You can click on I would like to play to buy it. It will bring you to a secure webshop page.

I think this is a special event, I am the first international master in the world who plays online with 1000 players simultaneously. 

Would you like to play and be part of this world record and be part of the chess history? Smile