Road to the Grandmaster title - Game 32 - Victory in 169 moves

Road to the Grandmaster title - Game 32 - Victory in 169 moves

IM AttilaTurzo

In the 3rd round of the Budapest Spring Festival I played with a Hungarian Junior Talent, Tamas Gunes Ongut. 

In our last game I played the accelerated dragon and we played a draw in a long game. This time I decided to start with e5. He played the Italian game, the sveshnikov system, where white plays d4 and then e5 to create a strong center. I did not remember how should I play this variation, so I played the safe Be7 move. Later I gave up the pair of bishops for creating double-pawns for him and get a strong knight in a closed position.

Probably he position was better, because of the strong center and the pair of bishops. I should just keep the bishop with Bh5.

I blocked the kingside and because I had an extra pawn on the queenside I decided to attack with c5, but that helped him to exchange pawns to open the position for the bishops.

I got in a big time trouble and close to the time control I lost a pawn and got into a big trouble.

Fortunately he exchanged the rooks as the last move to reach the time-control and we got an equal position.

My position was more comfortable, because my knight had a great square to block his passed pawn and to attack his fixed pawn. We moved around so many moves, he offered draw 2 times and I blundered a pawn after around 90 moves. 

That was my luck, because he started to play for a win in a still equal position, after another 40-50 moves he offered the queen exchanges which I accepted. The position was still draw, but he missed the only moves and I won the endgame:

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