Road to the Grandmaster title - My 1st Grandmaster Tourney after 21 years

Road to the Grandmaster title - My 1st Grandmaster Tourney after 21 years

IM AttilaTurzo

I will start to play in a Grandmaster tourney tomorrow, on Sunday the 3rd of March. 

10 player will play an all play all tourney in 9 rounds. 

21 years ago I played in my last Grandmaster tourney, that time I got around 50% and my rating was 2415, my top rating. I was young like Magnus Carlsen, when he got the number 1 rating in the world.

My chess career was strange and short. I started to play chess when I was 6 years old. Played a lot of junior tourneys and started to play with adults very early. I became an International Master at the age of 18 and Hungarian Junior Champion at the age of 19. 

Around that time I was very interested in spirituality, ore than playing chess. More and more people asked me to teach them or their children and I became a full time chess coach.

Time to time I was thinking to play again, but it was never serious. I did not put in effort.

It changed on last December when my daughter became 3 years old and me 40. I decided to give me a last chance and I started to play in tourneys and to train every day.

I played in 2 tourneys in January. The first went average, the second went well. In February I just played and lost a team game.

In February every day I solved puzzles for 2 hours to improve my calculation skills.

Today was a very important day, because I had my first 2 hours coaching session with a Grandmaster who will help me to reach my goals.

The players of the tourney:

FIRST SATURDAY GM group 2-12 March 2019
No. name title ELO  
1. ACZÉL, Gergely IGM 2551 HUN
2. ILINCIC, Zlatko IGM 2411 SRB
3. KOSIC, Dragan IGM 2502 MNE
4. GUNGL, Theo FM 2368 GER
6. KANTOR, Gergely IM 2500 HUN
7. TURZO, Attila IM 2296 HUN
8. NGUYEN, Van Thanh FM 2353 VIE
9. PRIASMORO, avendran IM 2450 INA
10. DAMJANOVIC, Vuk 2270 SRB

Yesterday I solved checkmate puzzles for 2 hours. I would like to share a few with you.


You can watch the preparation for my games LIVE on twitch at

Thank you for your support!

Have a great day! See you soon!