Road to the Grandmaster title - Strong start in the London system

Road to the Grandmaster title - Strong start in the London system

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My first game in the February Titled Tuesday was with white against the young German Grandmaster Dmitrij Kollars 

"Born in 1999, Kollars placed fourth in the 2011 German U12 Chess Championship. He achieved two top 20 finishes at the 2012 and 2013 German U14 Chess Championships[2][3] before achieving second place in the 2014 German U16 Chess Championship. By doing so he qualified for his first participation in World Youth Chess Championship. He also achieved second and third place finishes at the German School Chess Championship in 2013 and 2014, respectively, and placed second in the 15. Bad Harzburger Open.[4] He secured his first international master (IM) norm at the 2014 German Chess Championship, finishing eighth with a score of 5½/9.[5] In 2015, he won the German U16 Chess Championship,[6][7] earned his IM title, after attaining the remaining norms at the Nazari Chessfestival and the VMCG-Schachfestival,[8] and won the Schlosspark Open.[9] In 2016 he secured his first grandmaster (GM) by winning a GM tournament in Jūrmala,[10] and finished fourth at the World U16 Chess Championship.[11][12][13] In 2017, Kollars earned two more GM norms and was awarded his GM title.[14] - Wikipedia

He started with Nf6 and e6, but then we transposed to the London system, where he made an early mistake in the opening and I could win a pawn with a double-attack. I did not find the possibility.

I castled long and started to attack on the kingside. I got a chance 2 times to play Rd7 to win material, but was too focused on the kignside, I missed them. At the end when I still had a small edge, I moved into a beautiful motive to lose material because of my weak backrank.

Overall I am happy I had many winning chances against a strong young Grandmaster.

I am working on my calculation to use my chances next time:

I analysed the game for about 30 minutes and continued to study tactics 2 hours.

Let me share a few puzzles I solved today from

                        Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player


A nice example about the typical bishop sacrifice:

Another nice one  from Tarrasch:

And finally a masterpiece from the German World Champion Lasker:

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