Road to the Grandmaster title - The Rossolimo Struggle

Road to the Grandmaster title - The Rossolimo Struggle

IM AttilaTurzo

After the first 6 rounds of the February Titled Tuesday Tournament I had 3 points. The time control of the tourney was 3 minutes per player plus 2 seconds increment per move.

In the 7 round I played with International Master Leonardo Tristan from Argentina. His FIDE rating was 2493.

He played the Rossolimo variation against the Sicilian defense. I played with g6, Bg7 and e5 to fix the center. He exchanged the bishops and was preparing f4, which I prevented with g5, but that weakened my f5 square. He played c3 and allowed me to attack the d3 pawn to get some counterplay. 

He had always a small plus, until he thought I blundered my f6 pawn. He was wrong, because I could win a piece for it and then I was able to convert my advantage in the endgame:

Yesterday I solved 120 puzzles in 2 hours from the 3rd book of Iosif Slavin.

 I share a few puzzles with you.


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