Sicilian Blood

IM attilaturzo
Sep 5, 2013, 12:48 AM |

I played a new idea in the Sicilian defense against a young Norwegian player. I wanted to avoid his preparation. He got a good attack. I built up a nice defense on the dark squares, but I overlooked a nice rook sacrifice. He won 2 pawns. I posted a strong knight on e5 in the center. Then he gave back a pawn for the queen exchange. Then I started an attack on the queenside and won back an another pawn. I entered to the rook endgame a pawn up, but his passed pawn was strong enough to keep the balance. We played it out until only the two lonely kings remained on the board.

When you replay the game, please look the annotations under the board and look also the variations and side lines. 

I wish you to enjoy the game! Please tell your opinion and leave a comment under the board! Thank you for your attention. Have a wonderful day! Smile