Slav defense in the National Championship

IM attilaturzo
Mar 3, 2017, 7:34 AM |

I played this game 2 weeks ago on Sunday in the Hungarian National Team Championship. 10 teams with 12 boards play for the Hungarian Championship. 

Our team won the second league 2 years ago and this is our 2nd year in the first league. We fight to stay in the first league. We got a few strong young players for the top league.

In this match I played on the 9th board with a friendly FIDE-master.

Our team strategy was to play safe with black and play for the win with white. 

I wanted to get a positional game where my experience could count. I managed to get an endgame with a small edge, but the blockade of my opponent was strong enough to equalize the game.

When our game was finished, still 4 pairs played and at the end we got 5,5 point out of 12, which was a good result.

You can watch the game with my annotations:

Thank you for reading this article. Have great games!

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