Struggle in the Catalan-Bogo

IM attilaturzo
Oct 11, 2017, 2:21 AM |

Yesterday I play a young indian talent Nadar Anand

Anand Nadar fényképe.

He started with the Catalan and I play Bb4 check to transpose to the Bogo-indian, but later He developed his g1 knight by e2-e3, Nge2 to keep his bishop's diagonal open.

I played the usual d6-e5 plan, bit that weakened the d5 square and he jumped in with his knight. 

He has a space advantage on the queenside and I had no counterplay.

In the time trouble I blundered a pawn and went to a queen endgame with one pawn less. 

He left his king alone and I could attack his kingside pawns and his king and instead of trying a king-march and testing me if I have perpetual checks, he went for a perpetual and accepted the draw: