5 big surprises in Rekjavik Round 3

Mar 9, 2016, 3:05 PM |

I have found 5 big surprises in Round 3 of the Rekjavik Open

 IM Holm, Kristian S. (2) 2414
 GM Sargissian, G. (2) 2702

Is a big surprise that Sargissian has drawn with a 2400. 


 GM Rapport, Richard (2) 2720
 IM Esserman, Marc (2) 2458


Another huge shock. Marc Esserman has a big draw to Richard Rapport

Unfortunately, I didn't have time to analyze these 2 games. But I did put some effort into these last 3

3. Hrant Melkumyan almost draws with a 2400

2. Mamedyarov & Andrekin take 1/2 point bye?

Another huge confusion. Why did the top 2 seeds in the Rekjavik open take the half a point bye? Are they not taking the tournament seriously? 

1. A very unorthodox opening played by Alexander Shabalov



I'm sure Round 4 will show some more fire! Alexander Shabalov is up against Ivan Cheparinov on board 1 so I look forward to that!