Intensity in Round 1 Australian Open


Hi guys!

here is my coverage on the Australian Open.

About the tournament:

We have the highest rated player ever to play in an Australian Open tournament. Ni Hua (2680) We have also had GM Igor Khenkin before, in 2013.

So obviously, this is the Australian Championship. So, here are some results of previous years:

2013: 15 year old FM Bobby Cheng took a surprising win of the tournament after defeating GM Khenkin, ranked 70th in the world, and drawing with several time Australain champion GM Zong Yuan Zhao (2580) 

2014: Was won by IM Max Illingworth. It was a big shock as he was 2.5/5, and I think only suffered 2 draws from the rest of the tournament. It was a shock to himself and Australian Chess!

We had 1 very intense game in the first round of The Australian Chess Open. Charles Tsai (CT_Brizzy) had a nailbiter with GM Vasily Papin. You fought to the end Charles, congrats!

Wow what a game by Charles Tsai! 

Now, the PGNS havent loaded yet or other results so I will post them tomorrow.

Join me tomorrow in live chess at 10AM sydney time.