Junior International Cup 2015 Schedule!

Jun 20, 2014, 8:50 PM |

I have made a schedule for the Junior International Cup 2015!

You might be thinking, What is The Junior International Cup and how can I join it?

For more info, go to this link http://www.chess.com/news/signups-for-2015-junior-international-cup-2015-4798

Anyway, here is the schedule: 

Entries will close on Saturday November 1 2015 and will hopefully start on the day, or a few day's after November 1 (1 week at the max.) 

So here is the schedule:

Round 1: Pairings will be up between November 1-7, so you have until November 22 to lock your team. If your team doesn't lock before November 22, then your team will lose on forefit. If you don't have enough players playing for your team (Round 1 ammount of players will be 5-8 Players) then, the boards that you have filled in, you will play who you were supposed to play on the other team in a normal correspondence game (PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE give the link to the game when you had just started or finished) This round will probably be the longest, and will hopefully the round will finish before February 1, 2015 or before that. In all rounds, we start the next round ASAP.

Now, here is the basic things you need to know about the next rounds

Round 2: 7-10 players playing (every round must have 2 simultaneous games to make things faster) and from every round on, we do not know when it will start or finish, but when the pairings are up, you have 3 weeks (every time) to lock your team. 

Round 3: Will have 10-15 players

Round 4-Grand Final: Will be 12+ Players

Grand Final: Will have 15 players