Free Simul with a FIDE Master (FM)

Free Simul with a FIDE Master (FM)

NM Coach-Bill
Jun 8, 2017, 9:37 PM |

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FM Dan Durham:


Ok, about Dan. we went to the same high school, 6 years apart. He really had a rapid climb to the FM title...

I met Dan in 1978, he was about 1500 rated, a senior in high school. now a pattern forms....

By summer of 1979 he was winning decent U1800 cash prizes.

By summer of 1980 he was winning decent U2000 prizes.

By summer of 1981 he was winning decent U2200 prizes, and achieved the NM title. He tied for 3rd in the American Open Thanksgiving of that year. That's versus the big boys!

1982, he achieved a FIDE rating of over 2300. In 1983 FIDE added the FM title, so I believe he was among the first to get the honor.

In 1986, he became Southern California Open Champion defeating GM Walter Browne. (Game below). Dan also placed 4th in the Church's (or Novag?) Grand Prix that year. It took awhile, but he also got the USCF Senior Master title.

Dan and I went to a lot of tournaments together, and once he passed me, he did help me achieve the NM title as well. He had a few recipes for success. He read his Chess Life cover to cover each month, and studied openings all the time in ECO.


Now on to some of his games... How about 2.5 out of 3 against GMs who all happened to have won the US Championship? The first game with Walter Browne was a lucky escape. Dan blundered the exchange early, and only kept playing because his girlfriend's game was still going. Walter tried a tricky idea to back rank mate Dan, and outwitted himself, and soon his whole game crumbled.



Photo is from summer 1983, Dan took first $100, myself 2nd $50 in a weekend tournament in San Bernardino, CA. With our good friend Delmar  (Spider) Webb