How to play for a win when you're lost

How to play for a win when you're lost

NM Coach-Bill
Sep 17, 2013, 10:56 AM |

A week ago today, the following game was played. What could have been the biggest upset I ever suffered was saved by the methods explained in this short video. Anyone who knows me, knows my main weakness is 1 move blunders. Here, I was also hindered by a pattern I have blundered many times before in. Anyway, I have no ego, I'll show it if it helps you learn something. I am joined briefly by my long-time friend (Since 1968!) Ray Sollars, (KtFighter  here on Most people who have already seen this game also first chose the fatal blunder by my opponent. Maybe you will too! 

Anyway, I have what I believe is the best coaching group on with over 3900 members. Come join the fun and learn from my videos!

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