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Play a NM 4 times per month, and more perks!

Play a NM 4 times per month, and more perks!

Apr 26, 2017, 3:52 PM 0

Hello. Some of you know me already. I try to contribute material to chess.com as often as I can...I'm 62 years of age now and have been playing chess since kindergarten. I earned a master's title just shy of my 27th birthday. Just over 5 years ago, I launched my free video lesson program on YouTube.

All of my YouTube videos here, by playlist:




I've managed to acquire 3,058 subscribers to my channel. The playlists cover a wide variety of topics, including games analysis, and the flagship of my videos, the Free Video Lessons program. In Video Lesson 001 I outline in 37 minutes how you can best utilize your time to improve your play.


I've been giving private lessons on chess.com for 5 years. One thing is certain, I have learned a lot about how chess players of varying skills play the game and am adept at teaching my students how to get out of their class and move up to the next one, and then repeat the process.


I wish to increase my chess experience with the chess world, and have now combined all of my services which I've been doing for years into one which is quite affordable. Some people prefer the direct private one-on-one lessons. I can do those, and can still fit new students in. I've added about 10 new students the last couple months.


Let me explain my new service. For $50 per month you get:


A) 4 simuls per month. Time control 60 30. Ideally alternating colors. Currently, they are held at on sundays 12 Noon Pacific time. Other times/dates will be offered per student requests. I make a video of each simul and post up on youTube. I have many simul videos up already. I don't care about the results of these games, my focus is explaining how I select my moves, and accept or reject the other choices (Candidate moves). I also make evaluations of your moves as I attempt to counter your strategies with mine. I believe my explanations are very useful. I don't go into a lot of deep calculation when I play, i mostly assess positions and gravitate to the move which best fits my plan. After the game, you can see the video and compare my thoughts to those you had, all while learning to select moves the way I do. Soon I will live stream these simuls. You do learn a lot from playing stronger players. Here is your hance to meet one every week! I'll lose a lot of these games, but I don't care. As my past simul videos show, my interest is in teaching chess as I give a simul. The result matters less to me, but your win will mean a lot to you! And I'm going to lose plenty of games!


B) I want to get you on the path to playing better chess. I have methods which maximize your time invested to get better results, and sooner. I make an introductory 30 minute video of your recent longer time control games on chess.com, or from tournaments you have played in.  I have a keen eye into what your needs are and offer appropriate solutions to correct flaws in your play. Then I measure your progress as we move forward....


C) You get four 15 minute game analysis videos each month. In these, I monitor your progress and teach you concepts as they arise in your games. I believe this approach is superior to teaching a lot of tactics because you can invest hours into tactics and rarely employ them. I will help you direct your game to where if tactics exist, they will be for you to strike against your opponent. Not the other way around! As noted already, you will learn to think as I do when you select your moves.


D) More coming, exciting, and in progress!


I accept payment by PayPal. aww.rats1@yahoo.com is my Paypal email. $50 per month is a great bargain. I launched this program a few weeks ago in my video lessons program. to help get the numbers up, I offer discounts for paying any number of months forward into 2017. you will have to be a member of my video lessons group to read the details here:




You may join my video lesson group automatically by clicking this link (It's the second largest club/group on chess.com):




If you wish to try before you buy, check out my YouTube videos so you may see what I can do....


Any questions? Please ask! Thanks for your time.

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