Video blog: Free simuls by NM part 1

Would you like to play a long game, 90 30, against a titled player, and see a video where I explain exactly what I was thinking about when I selected my moves? Well, you can, and it's all free. Long games are a great way to improve your play and you will learn a lot playing me and seeing what I have to say!

My free video lessons group is the 4th largest on and we're not yet 2 years old! Between The Dan Heisman Learning Center and my group, we bring you the two best coaching groups on, and we work together to help promote the Royal Game of Chess.


To register for my simuls, you first need to be a member of my group, join here:


Then make a post in this forum topic (And read the sign-up instructions!):


I'm limited now how often I can do them, but they will be more common in about a month. Even if you're near the bottom of the queue, just be here at announced start time and you'll probably get a game. Start times and dates will vary in the future, and will be announced in above topic ahead of time.


Here's my first video from a couple weeks ago. I have another, but need to edit it, it will not load to YouTube for some reason.

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  • 3 years ago


    Thanks for the video, it's really cool to hear how a master thinks while he's playing :) If you allow me, I have a little inquery in one of your games, the one with @djepi.

    I am used to take advantage of a little combination when a have a passed pawn in the 7th rank (or the 2nd rank if I'm playing Black) and my rooks or the queen:

    So I tried to figure out if you could apply this to the endgame you played, and thought of some variations, most of them following checkmate in 7-10 moves. Maybe I'm missing some variations, and making mistakes in the analysis, but I want to hear your opinion about it :)

    Also, I learned this combination by myself, so I don't know where I can read about it (someone had to think about it before me), may you please recommend me a book about that kind of combinations? I would be very grateful.

    P.S.: I think you had chances in the game with @Sir_Speedy... What is wrong with 40. Nb3 and 55. Ra6?

    P.S.2: Once again, I thank you not only for the free simuls, but also for the free lessons, and all the things you do to share your knowlegde with us.

  • 3 years ago


    good  video tenxLaughing

  • 3 years ago


    Looking forward to seeing the second video :)

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