122nd Knights Quest: Round 3 (02/14/2016)

Feb 19, 2016, 2:21 PM |

I haven't done a game analysis blog post in a while, and Round 1 of the US Amateur Team North tournament is starting later this evening, so as a little "warmup", I figured I might as well try to get away with a quick analysis writeup.


Here's a game from the February 2016 tournament of the Knights Quest monthly series that I played against Eshaan Bhattad, a Class E player rated 34 rating points higher than I was at the time of the game. My crowning moment of the game was the lethally devastating Max Lange Attack in the opening in response to Eshaan playing the Two Knights Defense, and now these days it has become one of my favorite variations to play in response to the Two Knights Defense (thanks so much again MateNBake for initially showing me a chess coach's instructional video on the Max Lange Attack--I became deeply addicted to it after you first showed it to me!).