Glenwood Chess Club Monthly Tournament: Round 4 (01/31/2016)

Feb 26, 2016, 8:43 PM |

Some of my friends recently requested me to post some games that I won, so that they could see some interesting playing styles I've incorporated in my games. One of the most interesting ones I felt was quite educational and fun was the last round I played in the Glenwood Chess Club's January 2016 tournament against 826-rated Bruce Stump. Notably, this game features me taking advantage of a badly positioned (later trapped) knight, followed by a tradeoff of me exposing my kingside in order to launch a nice queen/rook/rook attack battery on a castled opponent king :)


I'm actually also very curious to know about how/when I can take advantage of such attacking opportunities in future games (it's quite an interesting offensive tactic set), so feel free to let me know what I did well and didn't do so well in my approach on this attack/my opponent's approach in defending here.


For everyone's reference, this game's time control was G/45 d5.