Pittsburgh Open: Round 3 (03/12/2016)

Mar 16, 2016, 6:29 AM |

I'm back home after the Pittsburgh Open, and better caught up on sleep, so here I am resuming the blog posts :)


Going into Round 3 of the tournament with 1 win and 1 loss, with the latest win in Round 2, I knew I was going to expect much tougher competition with a stronger player. I ended up being paired against 1178-rated George Jones, with me playing White. George played the Caro-Kann against me, and I chose to respond after the first 2 main lines with 3. f3, leading to the start of the Fantasy Variation. I've personally never played this variation of the Caro-Kann before, and I know the rest of the moves are way far from the main lines of the Fantasy Variation, so readers, please feel free to offer any advice/feedback on approaching this (rare) variation of the opening. (looking at you, RyanMurphy5 and blitzcopter, most prominently :P)

This game was also one of my two most favorite/interesting games in the tournament, featuring a rather tight endgame that ended up in a draw. Additionally, this was my record longest tournament game I've ever played, lasting nearly 4.5 hours...