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Pawns Weakness 3 (Backward Pawns)

Jun 17, 2013, 11:49 AM 0

In the next diagram, the pawn on b2 is what's known as 'backward' pawn. It is called this because it lags behind the adjacent pawns and cannot easily advance. if it goes to b3, either black pawns can capture and if it goes straight to b4 they still can capture it en passant (on the first move after the move b4 is played), so it does not have a rosy future. Another aspect to this position is that the two black pawns are affectivelytrying up three of their adversaries if the material are equal and let's suppose the third black pawn were somewhere on the kingside. Black could considered to be virtually pawn up. As things stand, the pawn on b2 would hardlycount for the usual one point attributed to a pawn.

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