religous war ?

religous war ?

Nov 18, 2009, 5:32 AM |

 I saw a clan name that irritated me the other day :

 "people of islam"

Islam is a religion ! A religion that consists of 2 very different groups,  sunni or shia ! there are about 1 billion muslimes in the world today !

Thats a lot of people who believe the world was createt by god !

Then i browse`d a litlle, and got even more annoid !

"Christian alliance"

Christianity is a religion ! it consists of 2 very different groups, catholic and protestant, they have 2.1 billion people believing life was createt by god !

 Monotheism, there is only one god, can account for half the planets inhabitants !!!

There is no end ! There is no beginning, everything is a continuum !!!

Infinity is the surface of a perfectly round cube, no end, no beginning, and so are we !!! We can explore our cube, but the cube will change, along with us, thus creating the circumstance for absolete change ! The observer changes with the observed !

 Life is not something someone figured out !