In the Middle(game) of Kentucky, or, the Stanton U1600

Sep 19, 2009, 7:27 PM |

Today I made the long-(ish) drive to Stanton, KY to play in the Stanton U1600. This is supposed to become a somewhat regular event, held in affilitation with the Winchester Chess Club.

Honestly, not much to say. I went 3/5 in the standard tournament (G/45), and didn't really have much worth talking about except that my 2nd round win (that I honestly thought would be a draw for a majority of the game) was one of the toughest endgames I've ever face. I kept up to my personal standard: don't lose to anyone rated less than me. The two players I lost to ended up tying for first and splitting the two prizes offered... and both were over 150 points higher rated.

The amazing TD, Frank Walls, has already posted the rating!

Rating moved from 1273 to 1319. Not bad for day.

After the standard tournament a few of us played in a quick Blitz tournament. And I won - going 3 for 4! You can see the results under "section 2" of the same link posted above. Fun time.

Major lesson of the tournament - my opening repertoire is complete crap. I need to adjust my studying for the King's Island Open accordingly.