why:a question for chess players

Dec 20, 2009, 11:26 AM |

Why do we play chess? This question I feel needs to be answered by every chess player. Do we play for money? Do we play for the feelings of victory and defeat?

I have played for two and a half years now, and for a year and a half I was plateuing constantly. When I wasn't plateuing I was making small progress. Although, there was one exception when in a month I jumped from worst player in my school to best. I soon started participating in tournaments and I found that I wasn't improving at all by my second tournament.

To fix this I asked myself a question that is important in development, Why do I play chess. The answer I soon found was not to win, but rather to accomplish a goal that I have always aspired to accomplish. The goal was that I could be good at something for once in my life. After answering that question I stoped plateuing and haven't till present day.

I feel this an important question in chess development.

So, why don't you ask yourself if you haven't already.

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