"little Robut"

Mar 27, 2008, 1:22 PM |

Ever since I have discovered the electronic chess, I have fondly call it "little Robut".  There's nothing like him. You can make all the mistakes an amature is

likely to make and pressto you can swish to a new game - NO LONG WAITING-

new game is started and"little robut" starts his masterminding maneuvers without

mercy.  I have come to recognize my weakness is in the pawns.  Just by watching

the manipulating of "little robut's pawns the games are almost over.  I have to

admit I am addicted to playing over and over again and again.  Will I ever win?

It realy doen't matter.  I am just glad to be back again - and rather I win or lose

really dosn't matter.  It's just a lot fun with "little Robut" who puts up with alot

of my stupidity and give no lip to the whole matter.  Love it!