Best solving chess books for professional players (part - 2)
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Best solving chess books for professional players (part - 2)

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In the Last blog i have covered 3 best solving books for professional players . In this blog you will find some more books that will help to players and even coaches . I have attached links so that you can preview some pages or even you can buy from this links. 

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1. Mastering Chess middlegames by Alexander Panchenko

The book is published by New In Chess . This book covers 12 chapters with basic theme . In every chapter panchenko given some analyzed games and then problems .The book covers more than 300 problems . If you want to improve basics then this book is for you. The chapters are not so complicated and whole book is easy to understand .

2. Grandmaster preparation Attack and Defense by Jacob Aagaard 

Published by Quality chess in series Grandmaster preparation this book provides more than 500 problems . I find this book similar as Calculation by Jacob aagaard (you can read about that in previous article) This book contents 13 chapters with solutions and few examples . The book is very hard to understand and to solve . I need 2-3 hours to solve 1 page ( 6 problems) .

3. Invisible chess moves by Emmanuel Neiman & Yochanan Afek 

This book published by New in chess . Afek is world class composer and player .The book covers 2 parts namely

a. Objective Invisibility

b. Subjective Invisibility

The book cover says Discover your blind spots and stop overlooking simple wins . This book is simply amazing . This book is to solve directly ( without chess board ) because the solutions are not more than 2-3 moves . but it is difficult to find first (key) move . Everyone should do this book . It can be finished in less than a week on average

Yochanan Afek

This is my honest reviews about this 3 books 

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