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In my notes, a member had left this message, "Your articles are great. Could you put something more about life of great chess players, some unknown facts about who they realy were. Thanks."   As much as I appreciate any communiqué, this note had me a bit puzzled.  Maybe it has to do with differences in interpreting the word great. But if my articles can be called great, then great chess players would not necessarily be a narrow term. Or maybe the problem lies in navigation. If that's the case, I intend to solve it right now by giving links to biographical entries I've made both here and on my other chess pages.

    Mostly on

Hugh Alexander Kennedy
Napoleon Marache
Denis Julien
James D. Seguin
de Rivière
The Death of Baron Ignatz Kolisch
Saint Amant
Louis Paulsen
Bios of Those Associated with the 1st Amer. Chess Congress
Bios of Those Associated with the 1st Amer. Chess Congress 2
The Mysterious Ajeeb
The Last of a Veteran Chess Player - The Turk
Mephisto the Magnificent
B.G. Laws
Signorina Fagan
A Medley for Morphy (George Medley)
Rice's Gambit (Prof. Isaac L. Rice)
On Howard Staunton
The Man Who Wouldn't Play Morphy
Memories of Chigorin
S. S. Boden
Philadelphian Chess Players
Hastings 1895 - The Contestants
Mr. Pollock
Mlle. Schwartzmann
Inside Max Euwe
Nearly Great, Nearly Forgotten (Salo Flohr)
Grigory Yakovlevich (Levenfish)
America's 1st Notable Black Chess Player
Ernest Morphy
Three American Chess Editors
An American Problemist I
An American Problemist II
Chess in Philidelphia
The Order of the Mandarins of the Yellow Button
Henri l'Oiseau
Frank James Marshall, 1904
Bernhard Horwitz
Rosemarie Fischer - 1939
Je Maintiendrai  (Fenny Heemskerk)
Edith E. Helen Winter-Wood Baird
Sheriff Spens

  Mostly Elsewhere

Paul Morphy
Prince André Dadian
Lisa Lane
Carlos Torre Repetto
Joseph Blackburne part 1
Joseph Blackburne part 2
Joesph Blackburne part 3
William Lewis
George Walker
Augustus Mongredien
Adolf Anderssen
Saint Amant
Daniel Harrwitz
Johann  Löwenthal
Howard Staunton
Lasa does Staunton
The Late Howard Staunton 
The Duke of Brunswick
Charles Henry Stanley
Jacob Henry Sarratt
Alexander McDonnell
Joszef Szen
Vincent Grimm
John Cochrane
John Cochrane II
George Atwood
Lionel Kieseritzky
Conrad Bayer
Forgotten Women Champions
The First 17 years of Organized Women's Chess in America
Erbo Stenzel-Artist, Chess Player
Staunton by H.J.R. Murray
H.J.R. Murray - BMC 1907
Ben Franklin and Chess
Miron James Hazeltine
The Blackmar-Popiel Gambit?
Hiram Kennicott
William James Appleton Fuller
Benjamin Lynde Oliver
Eugene Beauharnais Cook
Willard (D.W.Fiske)
The Pleiades
Platov Brothers