Blind Ambition III

Dec 16, 2010, 7:01 PM |

In both Blind Ambition  and Blind Ambition II,   I mentioned a blind player from Morphy's time named George Lumley.  While noting some of the small articles written about him,  I hadn't yet transcribed any of his games that were presented by  in the Chess Player's Chronicle.  Below are several of Lumley's (sometimes called Lumbley) games.  One is a loss against a club player on even terms; one is a loss against a master,  Adolph Zytogorski (not long before Zytogorski's death in February 1862) with Lumley receiving Pawn & 2; one is a win against a club player in which Lumley is playing 2 boards.  The game with Zytogorski took place at Starie's Philidorian Chess Rooms,  located at 46, Rathbone Place, Oxford Street, London.  The Chess Player's Chronicle was published at the above location and Zytogorski was probably one of its editors at that time.  Many famous masters, including Morphy himself, played at the Philidorian Chess Room. Blackburne gave a notable blindfold performance there (April 1864),  of 8 boards, lasting 12 hours,  just prior to it closing its doors for good in 1864.


"Game played at the Philidorian, September, 1859, between Mr. Lumley, the blind Chess player, and Mr. Zytogorski, the latter giving Pawn and Two Moves."

"A game played by Mr. G. Lumbley, the Blind Chess-player, against Mr. Foster, at the Philo Reading Rooms, Cambridge. Mr. Lumbley was playing two other games at the same time.