Bohatirchuk on Bogoliubov


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    Bohatirchuk, on the other hand, was in fact a Nazi collaborator, who, unlike Bogolyubov, embraced Nazi ideology as an enemy of the Soviets. 

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    Another interesting article, thanks for posting it. As far as Bogo's Nazi collaboration goes, I take it for granted he was a world class dirtbag no matter what sort of rationale he came up with - and other sources have stated he was a very willing and eager collaborator. Euwe on the other hand refused to play in Nazi chess tnmts while Keres did not refuse to do so and the Soviets were suppposedly all set to execute him after the war but spared him on account of Botvinnik's intervention (sources?)

    At any rate Bogo was a great chessplayer and I guess like Leni Riefenstahl he will also be remembered as a great artist in his field but a flawed human being. 

    PS: From what I read here it sounds like you should do an article on Dr FB as well,  he seems to have had a pretty impressive career for someone I've barely heard of.

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    Very interesting article! Thanks

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    'Elementary[!]', my dear 'Watson' ...

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