Jan 8, 2009, 1:37 PM |

I have a counter that keeps track of visitors to my various web sites.  One of the things it often allows me to discover is a page that links to one of my sites.  Normally, I see about 100-200 visits per day to my Chess Journal site, On very rare occasions, I have seen as many as about 500 in a given day.  Today (actually, just in the last several hours) I've gotten almost 900 visits. I thought something was amiss. When I checked, all the visits were to one page - a little page I made a few years ago on Philidor's various opponents.

Luckily the source of the link that stirred such interest in so esoteric a subject was evident. When I went there I had to laugh. The hypertext that links to my page is  "best player" under #4 Thomas Bowlder.