Chess art from le Palamède

Nov 5, 2010, 2:22 PM |

La Palamède, the monthly French chess magazine, was founded by La Bourdonnais in 1836 and lasted until 1847.  St. Amant edited the magazine from possibly  from 1837 but most likely from 1841, until 1847.
[Le Palamède , Mai 1847 -Palamêde ( le), revue mensuelle des Echecs et autres jeux , par Labourdonnais et continué par M. Saint-Amant. Paris, 1837 a 1847.
According to Murray in A History of Chess - le Palamède was
"abandoned in 1839; a second series was started in 1842 and in its turn came to an end in 1847" and Hooper and Whyld say in the OCC - "In December 1841 Saint-Amant revived Le Palamède, a monthly chess magazine which ran until the end of 1847." ]

In perusing several issues I was taken by some of the artwork and thought I'd pass along some examples -