Hastings 1895, Prizes


from The Hastings Chess Tournament 1895  By Horace F. Cheshire


Having been appointed by the Committee to adjudicate on the games for this competition, we have to report that thirteen games were submitted on behalf of various of the players, all of them having some happy stroke of brilliancy, and most of them showing masterly strategy and combinations. From this wealth of chess gems we select as prize winners : —
First. — W. Steinitz for his victory over C. von Bardeleben, in which the whole of the play was extremely artistic and beautiful, as well as brilliant.
Second. — Dr. Tarrasch for his masterly and well-fought game with A. Walbrodt, in which the terminal combination was most brilliant and unexpected.
Approximate, and worthy of high commendation, are the fine games, I. Gunsberg against J. Mason, A. Albin against D. Janowski, and H. N. Pillsbury against D. Janowski.
                                                          JOHN G. COLBORNE, C. D. LOCOCK

To the prizes were afterwards added two for the player who should win a game by the greatest display of sound brilliancy. —
1st prize, 5£., given by H. Chapman, Esq., and Anon. ; 2nd prize, 3£.,
given by W. Leuchars, Esq. And to the consolation money the Committee added after the conclusion of the play 10s. for every draw by a non-prize winner against a prize winner.



THE prizes were presented by Mrs. Sayer-Miiward on Tuesday afternoon, September 3, at a ceremony held in the Tournament-room. In the unavoidable absence of both president and vice-president, Mr. Cole, chairman of Committees, took the chair, and in a well-chosen speech congratulated the masters.
     Mrs. Sayer-Milward, who was well received, expressed her pleasure in responding to the invitation. She and her
husband had both taken great interest in the Tournament, and she was sure many persons who had not witnessed the games had enjoyed reading the reports in the papers. She was pleased to be able to give away the prizes. (Applause.)
The prize list was as follows : —
1st. H. N. Pillsbury, America, 150£.
2nd. M. Tchigorin, Russia, 115£.
3rd. E. Lasker, England, 85£.
4th. Dr. Tarrasch, Germany, 60£.
5th. W. Steinitz, America, 40£.
6th. E. Schiffers, Russia, 30£.
7th  C. von Bardeleben, Germany, 15£. 5s. 
7th  R. Teichmann, England, 14£. 15s.


C. Schlechter, Austria, 13£.
J. H. Blackburne, England, 10£. 10s.
A. Walbrodt, Germany, 7£.
A. Burn, England, 9£.
D. Janowski, France, 9£.
J. Mason, England, 8£.
H. E. Bird, England, 5£.
I. Gunsberg, England, 7£.10s.
A. Albin, America, 7£.
G. Marco, Austria, 7£.
W. H. K. Pollock, Canada, 6£. 10s.
S. Tinsley, England, 7£.
J. Mieses, Germany, 6£. 10s.