Jewish Rye


I was examining some of my old articles from my chess site, as things often get lost in the shuffle - and in the years.


I came across this picture that I thought was worth sharing -


This is a chess set. 


It's handmade.


It was fabricated from a meager allowance of rye bread.


A Jewish prisoner at the Auschwitz camp made it expressly for one of his SS guards.


He attempted to make the brown King, who led the German side, resemble Adolf Hitler.


- Hitler became chancellor of Germany in 1933.

- In 1934 he became Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor

- So, the Nazi Party was in charge from 1933 through 1945.

- During that time 400 decrees against Jews were issued.

- In one of the first decrees, issued on July 19,1933,

                          Jews were expelled from the German Chess Union